Welcome to MotoArt

Hello and thanks for stopping by!

MotoArt UK is a new venture run by Alan and Sharon, the team behind car accessory company AutoArt, founded in 2008. We've been offering tyre repair kits, tools and a small range of motorcycle lighting for a number of years and decided it was time to give the bike section its own space to expand into, so here we are!

Alan has been riding motorcycles for 45 years, and after a few European trips he joined Nick Sanders' Pan-American expedition in 2011. The journey started in Ushuaia at the tip of Argentina and proceeded north to Alaska. An encounter with bandits in Mexico, who hijacked the support vehicle, wasn't enough to put Alan off, as the long distance travel bug had well and truly bitten. Over the next few years he covered more than 50 000 miles on two wheels in North-, South- and Central America, taking in some longer European journeys in between and also acting as the support driver and mechanic for Nick on two Moroccan expeditions.

Alan learnt very quickly the wisdom of travelling light, having loaded his long-suffering XTZ750, Hattie, with far too much stuff on the Pan American - as you can see in the photo above. The Motoflator is the result of his desire to produce a compact but robust high quality inflator for adventure bikers as well as riders who prefer staying closer to home.

Sharon's motorcycling career was somewhat briefer but certainly spectacular, as she ended up T-boning a car on her 125, flying some distance into the air and breaking her wrist on landing. This prompted her to reassess her career on two wheels, ultimately deciding that she didn't really have the temperament for it. She can on occasion still be persuaded to ride pillion with Alan, however.

Our intention with MotoArt is to offer you a select range of motorcycle accessories from our new website, and we are continually on the lookout for innovative new products.